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PunchLight WLi is a unique product which uses wireless technology to connect your computer to studio warning lights.

It allows the of use of previously installed PunchLight lights and the expansion of the light system without cables - it can also connect to one external light via 12V output. The WLi connects to your computer via USB and transmits to each light currently via our W-CON RX receiver/s. Theoretically, you can control an unlimited number of wireless lights with one PunchLight WLi unit.

In the case of multiple light systems (ie multiple computers), each PunchLight WLi can be set to its own ID and work independently. The PunchLight WLi works at 433,92 MHz, and has sufficient range in most studio environments.


      • Switcher and power supply unit for one external light (via a cable)

      • Switcher unit for unlimited amount of wireless lights (via V-CON RX)

      • Connects directly to USB

      • Easy installation

      • Automatically indicates recording (red) and record ready/preroll

      (Recording Display, Recording PlexSign, Recording Lamp or Recording Ring)

      • MAC or PC compatible

      • LED indication of status on front panel

      • Size - 105 x 55 x 24mm (w x h x d)

      • Removable standard USB cable included

      • 12V power supply not included

Supported host aplications:
  • Cubase / Nuendo
  • Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD (not compatible with Command 8)
  • Logic Pro
  • Digital Performer
  • Reaper
  • Studio One
  • Samplitude and Sequoia
  • Pyramix (incl. EMC Option)

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