VALOR Station Gaming platform

Variant: Desk


Technical specs
  • Electric motorized legs – Black matt finish 
  • Adjustable height in the range between 700 - 1200 mm.
  • Extreme 200 kg maximum load (including desk weight)
  • Desk surface – Lacquered mate 
  • Digital RGB LED lights controlled with an app for Android and OS. 
  • Angled ergonomic design                     
  • Interchangeable PU Leather padded armrest in various colors
  • Cable management under the desk
  • Aluminum cable inlay in the central portion
  • Adjustable legs tips for uneven floors
  • Motors work on current 110 - 220 V 50hz. 

The desk is delivered with a US or EU plug only. 


Important- Please note that the weight balance on the front and back of the desk including the recommended weight of the gear is important to avoid the pendulum effect in the desk extended position. Should you not be able to balance it evenly, do not consider an in-height adjustable desk. If you are not sure, contact us for more info. 

NOTE: The desk is supplied with an EU plug in Europe and a USA plug in the USA. 
Dimensions: W 1924 D 1008 H 700 -1250 mm / 75.74" x D 39.68" x H 2755 - 49.21"

 *Some colors on the pictures may vary from the described model.

* Some pictures are illustrative and showing equipment that is not included. 


When it comes to creating your gaming station, there are many different factors to put into consideration. Our new VALOR gets its name to describe your gaming character. It is a spacious, ergonomic, Protected, State-Of-The-Art Design gaming Station with innovative features carefully planned to the finest details. VALOR tends to be your perfect Gaming platform that will make everybody jealous.

At the moment you sit next to this desk you will feel like never before. Smooth desk surface adjustable in height, soft padded armrest, stainless still cup holder, cable management, sleek but aggressive desk lines, ergonomic shape, comfortable size of the desk, smooth edges, will make you proud and happy every time you'll be next to it. The Desk construction allowing you to easily install monitor arms. If you want to elevate your speakers, add optional speaker shelves to your platform.

Your PC Tower is gorgeous. Why not have a special place for it. Place your PC Tower on our PC Throne Tower placed next to your desk. This will not only give you more space on your desktop, but it will also put your PC in the place it deserves. PC Throne has installed LED lights in sync with your desk when connected to the RGB LED network from your desk.

Electric motors of the electric platform allow you to adjust your desk in perfect height anywhere in the range between 700 and 1200 mm. You will be able to work or play in a sitting or standing position whenever you decide so. A more simplified controller comes with the desk. The optional Memory controller is available on request. 

Interchangeable padded armrest, angled aggressive design, lacquered surface, Aluminum cable inlay in the center of the desk, Cable management below the desk surface, and Digital RGB LED lights with every desk are standard. 

DIGITAL RGB Lights, app-controlled allowing you to customize your desk to your personal liking. 

NOTE! RGB LED lights are included in the optional PC Throne but will not work without being connected to the desk's LED network. 

Optional Swivel Speaker shelves, Adjustable in height Pull out option for Midi Keyboard or second tear working space is available separately or in bundles. Check accessories available on this page.

Whether you are a gamer, aspired YouTuber, content creator, video creator, video editor, or music producer, the VALOR Station can be easily adapted to your needs and will be the workstation with features you were looking for. 


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