Sahara W

Finish: FG | (L01) Blanc


 Sahara panels are the forerunners of the next generation of acoustic panels. Completely adaptable. Completely customizable. Unique for each environment. A good acoustic treatment lies in the correct ratio between absorption and diffusion. Sahara can regulate both, without changing its seamless organic pattern, allowing you to fully embrace the architectural style of your space without worrying about different panel placement.



A panel tailor-made to your needs

Recommended for
- Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Media Room
- Home Cinema
- Living Room

This product is available in the following Fire Rate:
FG | Furniture Grade


Sahara | Lacquered HMDF (FG)
- Lacquered HMDF
- Marine grade plywood structural frame
- Calibrated cell acoustic foam


Range | Dimensions:

Sahara - Absorber | 595x595x63mm
- Equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receiver

Sahara Doble V - Absorber | 595x1190x63mm
- Equipped with six M6 Screw Thread receiver

Sahara Doble H - Absorber | 1190x595x63mm
- Equipped with eight M6 Screw Thread receiver





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