Marea O

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Classic Desk Series

Marea O

The mixing desk: Marea O offers a serious solution for applications that include small to medium analog or digital consoles and controllers, including desk and rack space, for the studio and live venues.


Classic Desk Series

Marea O

``Modern small to medium-sized mixing desks come in various shapes and formats, yet they all have one thing in common: they need a desk to rest upon. Marea O can house a variety of different desks, from analog and digital mixers to controller surfaces. Beyond the space for the mixer, Marea O offers luxuries to improve your workflow even further. Above the console are six rack units for valued hardware gear. Whether you require space for your converters and preamps in your recording studio or for additional EQs, compressors, or feedback destroyers in a live environment, Marea O has you covered. Either way, the rack units are easily reachable from both a seated or standing position. To the right of the console is desk space for notes, stage plans, or a beverage of your choice. Behind the rack units, Marea O also features a shelf for computer screens or monitor speakers. A clever cable management system allows for the extensive wiring needs of some mixing desk setups while retaining order in, around and behind your desk.
Characteristics & Functionality


  • Supports most small and medium-sized mixers
  • Six rack units above mixer level
  • Large desktop space
  • Great cable management and passages for extensive wiring needs




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