Portman - Mantis

Unique, fully LED-based decorative stage lighting. Species belonging to the portman family. It is characterized by a high spreading rate, especially in the tour, festival, tv show environment. Easy to tame by LDs. We can meet them as independent units but also in larger clusters.

Mantis was formed in Gdansk/Gdynia in Poland in 2021. Its evolution took place in a purely dark and silent. This environment was perfect for developing a strong light source in a unique design with the utmost attention to detail.

It is characterised by three dim to warm powerful main LED light sources that can act as a blinder. On lower values, these can be hypnotic warm and smooth dimming light sources. These light sources are accompanied by strong RGBW LEDs with good saturation and beautiful colour mixing. The whole species is crowned with RGBW LED light sources in the centre with a frosted filter and allows to add a gobo inside.

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